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Appointment FAQ

Acne Treatment Cost

The initial investment for acne products is approximately $100-$150 (pre-tax). Most of the products will last roughly 8-12 weeks. This will depend on the product and the regimen that you are placed on.  Active ingredient products are smaller in size because you will typically have these strengthened during your treatment plan. The cost of acne treatments are $75. There is no guarantee on how many treatments you will need.  It typically takes about six treatments over a 3-month period of time to see results. We offer a prepay series of three treatments for $200 or six for $400.


If you come in for just a consultation, the cost is $50. If you come in for a consultation and treatment, which is what most people do, the cost is $100.

(please note, prices will be increasing in Sept 2019)

How Long Are Appointments

If you book a consultation only, for your first appointment, it will be scheduled for 45 minutes.


If you book a consultation and treatment for your first appointment, it will be scheduled for about 2 hours and subsequent appointments are 45-60 minutes. If you choose to include an add on, we will adjust your appointment time accordingly.  When you start to get clearer and there are fewer extractions, thus, your treatments will take less time.

Acne Products

In order to receive acne treatments, you must agree to use our products, it is part of our program. There are too products that contain pore-clogging ingredients. Acne is tricky enough to treat – we do not want to take any chances with other potentially harmful or comedogenic products. Products are recommended based on your acne type, skin and other factors that are specific to you. Active ingredient products will only be sold to clients who are currently or formerly receiving treatments by Perfect Skin & Lash, LLC.  

Acne Treatments

Many people ask if they need to get treatments.  If you are coming in for an acne consultation, you most likely need treatments.  I will not sell or make recommendations for active ingredient products unless you are coming to Perfect Skin & Lash, LLC for treatments.  Active ingredient products include serums, which are specific to your needs and the acne prevention products, which also depend on your specific needs.   

Acne Treatment Extractions

During your treatments, extractions will be done.  We do this because it helps clear your skin faster. Extractions remove current legions while home care products help prevent future breakouts. You will continue to have breakouts during the first few months because it takes approximately 90 days for acne to form.

We don't sugar coat things at Perfect Skin & Lash. Some extractions will cause discomfort, but extractions are crucial to getting clear skin.

Extractions do cause you to be red.  We do offer an add on blue light therapy service to your acne treatments. This will help the swelling, redness and will aid in killing the p-bacteria and assist preventing future breakouts. You will still be slightly red but it will subside within a few hours.

Acne Treatment Microneedling 

We currently offer microneedling which helps with post acne scaring. Every client has different skin, therefore, we recommend you come in for a consultation or discuss microneedling at your acne treatment.

Pricing for Microneedling begins at $199 per treatment.  We also offer prepay packages that are a series of three or six microneedling treatments.  Pricing will vary depending if you choose standard stem cell products or medical grade stem cell products.

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